Command Line Overview

While JNIORs can be configured via their Webpages or from the support tool, using the command line can offer more powerful ways to interact with them. Commands from the command line can capture network data, provide accurate logging of I/O activations, offer in-depth control on applications and more. Interacting with the help search at the bottom right of the JNIOR web page can open up the JNIOR User Manual. 

This manual allows you to search for helpful information on configuring the JNIOR. We’ve generated a print out of this manual, and its accessible here. Specifically, the User Commands section should help explain what commands you can use in the command line to interact with the JNIOR.

Even though any information you’d need about the command line can be found in the JNIOR User Manual, below are links to posts about command line commands that may quicken/simplify your search for what command you may need.

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