Not everyone learns by reading books.  These videos teach you how to use the JNIOR by showing you different features and applications for the JNIOR.

Whether you’re a new or existing customer or evaluating JNIOR, our videos are here to help you get the most out of JNIOR hardware and software.

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Checkout our new series of JNIOR Technology videos prepared by our Chief Technology Officer – Bruce Cloutier. Bruce shares his JNIOR expertise to help you understand the outstanding features of the JNIOR.  Please contact Bruce | email with any questions.

JNIOR Series 4 DCP and ST 7
Toggling JNIOR Relays
Updating JNIOR Series 4 OS (without Support Tool)
Command Console – Network Access
Hello World With a Twist
Adding a Display to Your JNIOR
Changing User Passwords
Advanced Topic – Charting Memory
Support Tool Overview