The following information describes how to use the JNIOR to capture data on the Ethernet network and the JNIOR Serial ports. Capturing the data can be a great troubleshooting technique for communicating with various devices.

The Netstat command on the JNIOR Series 4 has multiple functions and some of them are very helpful when trying to troubleshoot a network connection via the Ethernet network.

The standard Netstat command will list all the TCP ports that are listening on the JNIOR and indicate any connections made.

Typing help netstat will show all the different options you can use with netstat.

The -C, -R, and -F options are great for Capturing, Resetting, and Filtering a file of the packets being sent on the TCP ports. This file can opened in Wireshark so you can better view the information being sent back and forth on each port. There is also a command option for using a network sniffer with the netstatĀ -s command.

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