REBOOT Command

The reboot command is used to restart the JNIOR. When a reboot is called on a JNIOR it kills all the applications its running, and then if any have a run key, those applications boot back up once its restarted. It will also disconnect and reconnect all connections on a JNIOR.The reboot command has multiple options along with it.

The first one is -A which cleans system and heap memory on reboot.

-F will not prompt a confirmation and immediately do a reboot of the JNIOR.

There is also a another command for a reboot that will not appear in the help command of reboot. If you type -eraseall with reboot, it will factory restart a JNIOR deleting any information that wasn’t already on them when they were first received.

A normal reboot usually fixes a lot of temporary problems the JNIOR is confronting. The -eraseall command should be used with lots of caution, as you lose everything you’ve done on the JNIOR since its been received. The reboot -eraseall is only for series 4 JNIORs.

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