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The HELP command provides basic information about syntax and options for each and every command. If issued without parameters it lists all of the commands available to you at the JANOS Command Line.

bruce_dev /> help
Available Commands:
  arp             bye             cat             cd              
  certmgr         chdir           chgrp           chmod           
  chown           copy            cp              date            
  del             dir             echo            egrep           
  exit            extern          find            gc              
  grep            groupadd        groupdel        groups          
  help            history         hostname        iolog           
  ipconfig        jar             java            jrflash         
  jrmon           jrupdate        kill            logger          
  ls              man             manifest        md              
  mkdir           mode            move            mv              
  netstat         nslookup        nv              passwd          
  ping            ps              rd              reboot          
  reg             registry        ren             rename          
  rm              rmdir           sendmail        set             
  setenv          stats           thd             touch           
  type            useradd         userdel         usermod         
  users           whoami          zip             

bruce_dev />

Note that this list depends on the user’s permission level. The list above covers all commands. It is displayed for Administrator accounts.

The list is reduced when not an Administrator. These are the command available to a user with the Control permissions flag.

bruce_dev /> help
Available Commands:
  bye             cat             cd              chdir           
  chmod           copy            cp              del             
  dir             echo            egrep           exit            
  extern          find            grep            help            
  history         java            jrmon           ls              
  man             md              mkdir           move            
  mv              passwd          ping            rd              
  ren             rename          rm              rmdir           
  stats           type            whoami          

bruce_dev />

And if you are logged in as a guest with an account that neither has the Administrator flag or the Control Flag then this is all you can use.

bruce_dev /> help
Available Commands:
  bye             cat             cd              chdir           
  dir             echo            egrep           exit            
  find            grep            help            history         
  jrmon           ls              man             passwd          
  ping            stats           type            whoami          

bruce_dev />

The HELP command has an alias MAN. JANOS wants to seem familiar to new users and so tries to be a bit flexible. For this reason both DIR and LS perform the same function.

If you provide the name of a command as a parameter details for that command are displayed.

bruce_dev /> help dir
DIR [filespec]

 -A             List all including hidden files
 -F             List only files
 -D             List only folders
 -L,-V          Verbose format
 -W             Wide format
 -S,-R          Include subfolders
 -X             Expanded includes path permissions
 filespec       May contain wildcards

Lists a file, group of files or the contents of an entire folder.
Aliases: LS, DIR

bruce_dev />

That includes itself.

bruce_dev /> help help
HELP [cmdspec]

cmdspec May include wildcards

Lists available detail for matching commands

The following special characters define the command-line syntax:

 [ ]    Identifies an optional argument. Arguments that are not enclosed in brackets
        are required.

 ...    Indicates possible multiple values for the previous argument.

 |      Indicates mutually exclusive information. You can use the argument to the left
        of the separator or the argument to the right of the separator. You cannot 
        use both arguments in a single use of the command.

 { }    Delimits a set of mutually exclusive arguments when one of the arguments is
        required. If the arguments are optional, they are enclosed in brackets ([ ]).

Enclose argument values that have embedded spaces with double quotation marks.
Aliases: HELP, MAN

bruce_dev />

The command string supplied to HELP may include simple wildcards. For example:

bruce_dev /> help j*

JAR filespec [pattern]

 -C             Check integrity
 -T             Lists library contents
 -X             Extracts library contents
 -V             Verbose

List/Extract files from a ZIP/JAR library.
Aliases: JAR, ZIP

JAVA filespec [&]

 &              Executes in background ('&' must be last on the line)
 filespec       Either a .class file or .jar library containing classes to execute

Executes the given Java program.


 -C             Display cache status
 -F             Format (all data will be lost)
 -R             Perform reclamation pass

Displays Flash File System status.


 -C             Enable control commands
 -D             Enable control including diagnostics functions
 -M             Monitors processor load
 -X cmd         Execute commands and return

I/O monitoring utility


 -U file        Perform Field Firmware Update
 -F             Skip confirmation prompt
 -P             Reboot if successful
 -R             Rollback OS
 -C             Cancel pending update

Manage firmware updates.

bruce_dev />

Along these lines you can create your own HELP manual. Here we will send the HELP output to a file which I will attach.

bruce_dev /> help * > help.txt

bruce_dev />


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