JNIOR Tool Overview

There are two tools to choose from when working with the JNIOR.

Why two tools?

The JNIOR Support Tool has been around for more than ten years. For much of that time, it has remained unchanged and has been a staple for configuring and maintaining the JNIORs. Within the past few years, we have seen more and more customers using non-Microsoft Windows computers and we wanted to offer a cross-platform alternative—that’s where the JNIOR Supporter comes in. We chose to develop the new cross-platform tool in JAVA. This requires you to have a Java Runtime Environment loaded.

Why not move to the new tool altogether?

The JNIOR Support Tool allows Cinema users to configure devices and macro files. There is A LOT of functionality that we are not ready to replicate. We wanted to get the tool released and not delay while the cinema functionality was being implemented.

Which one should I use?

If you are running a non-Windows environment then you will need to load the new Supporter. If you are looking to use the Cinema application then you will need to use the Support Tool. Beyond that, it is up to you. We try to ensure that they both have the same basic functionality.

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