Support Tool

Helps users manage their JNIORs and applications by easily configuring, updating and maintaining the JNIOR from your PC.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Support Tool v7.15 Sep 27 2023 10.4 MB e927176eff954ca6d833db8bc6ab9bc8

Series 4 OS Software

The INTEG JNIOR is an easy-to-use, flexible automation controller with digital and analog I/O, Ethernet and serial connectivity, and add-on software applications for monitoring and controlling equipment or a process for a variety of applications.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Series 4 All-In-One Update Project v2.4.1 Sep 05 2023 1.8 MB f0e09a9af731be0477df13e707b38c30
Core JANOS Update Project v2.4.1 Sep 05 2023 1.3 MB 921c9867931b4f36234527e597b14d46
JANOS - UPD v2.4.1 Sep 05 2023 960.1 KB 585e5b27dcebe8e376d5c08dd13facf7
JanosRuntime.JAR v2.4.1 Sep 05 2023 1.6 MB 90e9d621c8b02e92386f71504595bca8

Tasker Application

Tasker is an application that runs on the JNIOR allowing Tasks to be executed manually, triggered, scheduled, or via remote connection.  Tasks are a series of actions.  Those actions can be I/O related, logging, email or network based.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Tasker v12.0 Jun 20 2023 2.9 MB edfd2578eccdf8595b4f3d35f1ca4bf8

Analog Presets Application

Analog Presets Control is an application that allows the user to change the analog output settings on the JNIOR Analog Expansion Modules (LED Dimmer, 4-20 mA, 10 VDC) based on a digital input status change or a relay output status change.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Analog Presets v2.6 Dec 14 2021 334.1 KB d9eeeded688fe9c875402948f562f9b1

Cinema Application

Cinema.JAR allows the JNIOR to execute ‘macros’.  Cinema.JAR contains functionality for the cinema industry and is described in detail on the Cinema.JAR page in the Software section of our website. 

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Cinema.jar - Update Project v6.4 Apr 25 2023 538.7 KB 1ed87c8c86a9f6f5f2ccfaa04daa1918

DMX Application

The DMX Control Program is used to control 512 DMX channels via the JNIOR.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
DMX Application v3.5 Nov 12 2021 637.3 KB 19fe2244ff60d4e6d9807794abf9f431
DmxPort for enabling DMX on 410 Mar 17 2021 3.5 KB 299c66717c03a9c9b702716d9d56d095

MQTT Application

The INTEG JNIOR automation controller is capable of being an edge device for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications using the MQTT protocol. The JNIOR can both publish and subscribe to topics using an MQTT broker.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
MQTT v3.2 Nov 17 2021 540.7 KB 884634d237013a223b043275f93bb073

SNMP Application

The INTEG JNIOR can run an SNMP server to accept GET Requests. The JNIOR can also be configured to send Traps.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
SNMP v3.0 May 14 2020 116.0 KB 2f6f4b7686a9df9a119048a87ce174a4
SNMP MIB v3.0 May 14 2020 2.4 KB 95f379ed55b60bc97d2d92ec570955e4

Utility Application

The JNIOR can be used to help monitor Utility usage. Our add-on Utility application helps by capturing usage during multiple time periods. Use any of the inputs on your JNIOR. Optionally capture instantaneous flows using an analog module.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Utility.Jar v4.0 Mar 04 2021 496.3 KB 650d1c2b6f585243a7695919eb6a8a55

Windows JNIOR Protocol SDK

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Windows DLL v5.0 Feb 15 2019 8.9 MB 97e02a18245994c59c96bb94c6f40fa1

Legacy Series 3 Downloads

The Series 3 went out of production in February 2015. There are still lots of Series 3 units in the wild. Below are the latest updates for those units.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Series 3 All-In-One v4.8 Nov 11 2019 251.7 KB ef6a2613188b70725b155c9c026064b3
Cinema.JNIOR v2.47 Dec 09 2019 72.6 KB 973bd73a6df7b1845f981c87d6addf37
Utility.jnior Oct 26 2020 112.6 KB b44166edd53444cf10d979c2d2ed6810
Analog Presets.jnior Oct 26 2020 20.5 KB 73cf056ce4f7ef09dd45051d7646b5cd