Private Labeling JNIOR March 14, 2024

INTEG supports the customers’ ability to private label after the sale.  We do not (except under rare special arrangement) handle private labeling for you. This is limited to the front label.  Any removal or alteration to labels on the back of the JNIOR will violate product certifications (TuV, CE, FCC, etc.) and violate our warranties. All labels on the back of the product and internally, including serial numbers and part numbers, must remain in place.  INTEG identification in firmware and in applications developed by INTEG (not under contract) cannot be altered.

The content of any labeling added by customers after the sale is the sole responsibility of the customer. INTEG cannot be held responsible or liable for any concerns that might arise, legal or otherwise, from any modifications made independently by the customer.

To replace the front label you can pop out the 18 light pipes.  These are only press-fit into place and easy to remove by hand. The existing label can be pulled off from any of the corners.  We use a good adhesive but it can be overcome.  Carefully locate your label paying attention to align with each and every light pipe hole. The light pipes can then be pressed by hand back into place.  You may replace the front label with one of your own design that needs no approval from INTEG. The dimensions, especially for the light pipe locations, are critical and it will help to make those holes in the label oversized.  A dimensional drawing is available.

Note that the light pipes generally need only be secure enough to not fall out if the JNIOR is turned upside down and tapped on the table.  If they appear loose and that would be of concern, you can use an extremely tiny drop of glue on the inside of the cover where the light pipe passes through the hole. We used to glue these routinely but have not done so for several years.

Our housings have been updated.  The new housings support a new and improved DIN rail mounting option.  The label area, and therefore the label, has not been changed.  These dimensions are described in the document at the link below.

Just a side note if you use a form of super glue based upon a cyanoacrylate do not place the unit in a sealed bag for 24 hours. The gases from this chemical emitted during the curing process are used to render fingerprints visible. If bagged you will later be able to determine who has handled your JNIOR. We found this out the hard way.

The following PDF details the required label dimensions:



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