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No Code, No Programming Necessary. Just configure it and go!

Writing JAVA code on the JNIOR is great and the perfect way to achieve the functionality you want. But, sometime you either dont have the knowledge, expertise or time and want something out-of-the-box that you can just cofigure to get the job done. Tasker is the application for you!

Tasker is an update to the Task Manager application that was first created for the JNIOR Series 3 in 2007. Tasker was ported to the JNIOR Series 4 but the core code was kept the same. A rewrite allows us to implement many new features.  A comparison page between Tasker and Task Manager highlights many of those changes.

Tasker is not loaded on the JNIOR when it is manufactured. It is an add-on application. Please follow the Adding Tasker to a JNIOR guide to get Tasker installed and running on your JNIOR.

Here is a high level list of the features in Tasker

  • Workspace – Workspaces are different configurations of Tasker users can create that can be loaded, edited, and deleted.
  • Tasks – Tasks, or series of actions, can be created that can be executed in a variety of ways. Tasks can now be executed manually, triggered, scheduled, or via remote connection.
  • Devices – Some Actions used in Tasks may depend on Devices. Devices are names given to connections. The names are then used to make configuration easier.
  • Signals – A name given to an I/O point or sensor to make using it in an Action, Trigger or Logger easier.
  • Triggers – A set of conditions to watch for and when met a Task is executed. The signals that are configured will be used.
  • Schedule – Scheduling a Task to execute One Time, Daily, Weekly or by event has never been easier. Events that can cause a Task to be executed are On Boot, Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Loggers – Configuration to make logging easier to use in Task Actions. Loggers ask you to provide a file path, the information to be logged to the file and the retention count. The retention count is the number of files for that specific logger that will be kept.

Upgrading from Task Manager or previous version of Tasker

This version of Tasker uses a different configuration file layout. It is NOT compatible with Task Manager or the previous version of Tasker.

We are here to help. we can help you configure the new version of Tasker to work with your older configuration.

Knowledge-Base - Tasker October 27, 2020

Tasker Application Page

If you have any suggestions or a need for Tasker please Contact Us!