Expansion Modules

The JNIOR logic controller utilizes Plug and Play expansion modules to keep the cost of the core controller low while allowing for the cost-effective addition of more relay outputs and/or analog signals in the future. Expansion modules connect to the JNIOR’s sensor port using a 6 Pin Modular Flat Cable with an RJ-12 Connector. Each Expansion Module works on any JNIOR logic controller model and contains the following key features:

  • On-board microprocessor for rapid, effective analog signal sampling
  • Automatic recognition of the module by the main JNIOR logic controller
  • Flexibility to utilize a mix of modules
  • Can be used in addition to the JNIOR temperature sensors
  • Web-based configuration via the main JNIOR web page
  • Easily integrated into all the JNIOR communication methods
  • No separate power supply necessary – all power received via the Sensor Port
  • 2-year warranty

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