Remotely Executing a Task in Tasker February 15, 2021

When using Tasker, to execute a task you can click the play button next to the task you wish to execute. But what if you wanted to execute a task remotely? This post explains how.

For this example, you first need to make sure that your JNIOR has the Tasker application. If it doesn’t you can follow this post to install Tasker to a JNIOR. You will also need to have the JNIOR Support Tool, which you can find here.

Once Tasker is successfully installed on your JNIOR, to start you’ll want to open web browser and navigate to the Tasker web page by going to http://JNIOR_IP/tasker. Once on the Web page you’ll simply create a workspace, and then create a task inside the workspace. Give it an action so when we execute it remotely we can see it perform the action. Then save the workspace.

In this example, we created a task that simply pulses Output 1 for 5 seconds.

The next step to remotely communicating with Tasker in this example is by opening a command line session. You can do this through the JNIOR Support Tool by going to Tools/Command Line.

You can use any command line tool. Since the support tool provides a command line tool, that is what we use in this example.

Once you’ve opened a command line session, you can then connect to Tasker using a TCP connection and connecting to your JNIOR’s IP (ours is for this example) and port 9210. You’ll activate all the setting in the option drop-down also.

Once this is done, all you need to do now is type the command to execute a task. To do this you type “task.execute TASKNAME\r\n”. So if you had a Task in Tasker called CloseOutput1, to execute it here remotely you would type “task.execute CloseOutput1\r\n”.

With this, you should now be able to remotely execute Tasks in Tasker!

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