Remotely Executing a Task in Tasker

When using Tasker, to execute a task you can click the play button next to the task you wish to execute. But what if you wanted to execute a task remotely? This post explains how.

You’ll start by going to the Tasker Web Page, create a workspace, and then create a task inside the workspace. Give it an action so when we execute it remotely we can see it perform the action. Then save the workspace.

In this example, we created a task that simply pulses Output 1 for 5 seconds.

The next step to remotely communicating with Tasker in this example is by opening a command line session. You can do this through the JNIOR Support Tool by going to Tools/Command Line.

You can use any command line tool. Since the support tool provides a command line tool, that is what we use in this example.

Once you’ve opened a command line session, you can then connect to Tasker using a TCP connection and connecting to your JNIOR’s IP (ours is for this example) and port 9210. You’ll activate all the setting in the option drop-down also.

Once this is done, all you need to do now is type the command to execute a task. To do this you type “task.execute TASKNAME\r\n”. So if you had a Task in Tasker called CloseOutput1, to execute it here remotely you would type “task.execute CloseOutput1\r\n”.

With this, you should now be able to remotely execute Tasks in Tasker!

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