Series 3 and 4 Compatibility

Tasker is only compatible on the Series 4 JNIOR. If you have a Series 3 JNIOR, you’ll need to use Task Manager instead.

Improved Logic Statments

Tasker utilizes different logic statements than Task Manager. Task Manager uses AND, OR, NOT, and XOR logic. Tasker implements If blocks, variables, and loops into its actions. This allows Tasker to accomplish what Task Manager could, but adds additional logic functionality in its actions, like having actions repeat in a sequence, and easier use of a condition set on actions.

Tasker Logic Options
Logic expressions for Task Manager
Task Manager’s Logic Expressions

Uploading and Downloading Tasks

Task Manager is unable to let you move Tasks created in one JNIOR to another JNIOR. Tasker has you create a workspace where you add all your tasks too. These workspace can then be downloaded as JSON files and uploaded to different JNIORs.

upload/download options for Tasker workspace

Improved Functionality

Tasker has been made to make certain actions such as logging information, scheduling tasks, and setting triggers easier to do. Tasker also gives more options to functionality already in Task Manager. Scheduling is now able to be set on not just a weekly basis, Logging doesn’t need to be logically created and is now defined under the Logger tab, and Triggers now use Signals to activate, which are just inputs/outputs of the JNIOR and its expansion modules.

Drag-able User Interface

Task Manager uses buttons to move actions up and down to control the order the actions activate. Tasker allows its user to grab actions and move them around freely, making the order in which actions are performed easier to manipulate. 

Tasker drag example for Tasker
action up/down for Task Manager
Task Manager Actions would be moved up or down a list using buttons

Devices and Sending Information

Tasker adds new functionality that allows you to add Devices to it that can be connected to and sent information. Currently, devices can be used in actions to have them be sent emails, TCP data, and SNMP traps. You can either create an email or use a email profile created on the JNIOR DCP Web Page. Using a Device created in the Device Tab, custom TCP data can be sent to the chosen device. SNMP traps send a custom message using a specified OID and a chosen created device. Tasker can be used to publish to MQTT brokers as well to update topics.

Device Actions added to Tasker

Additional Expansion Module Options

Tasker includes more accessibility to JNIOR expansion modules, along with the addition of being able to use the Control Panel, and the 3 Channel LED Dimmer. The Control Panel can have its LED lights changed, its alarm volume can be edited, and its alarm can be stopped. The 3 Channel LED Dimmer can have 1 or multiple channels either be set or faded to a certain output percentage.

Tasker Expansion Module Actions
Expansion Module actions for Task Manager
Task Manager Expansion Module Actions