Tasker Message Building Rules

To build dynamic messages you will use the text replacer syntax. Using {{ }} will allow the message engine to find the appropriate portion of the text and replace it with the value of the evaluated text that is contained within the {{ }} syntax.

Available Conditionals

Internal I/O

din[#].state din[#].counter din[#].usagemeter
rout[#].state rout[#].usagemeter

Temperature Sensor

temp[#].fahrenheit or temp[#].f for short
temp[#].celsius or temp[#].c for short

Environmental Sensor

env[#].fahrenheit or env[#].f for short
env[#].celsius or env[#].c for short


registry("key_name")or reg("key_name") for short. Just replace key_name with the registry key name.


date.currentmillis where the value is the number of milliseconds since January 1st 1970. date.format("format_string") where the format_string is of the following format:

MM two digit month
dd two digit day
yy two digit year
yyyy four digit year
HH two digit 24 hour
hh two digit 12 hour
mm two digit minute
fff milliseconds
aa am / pm
zzz timezone string

for example. date.format("MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm:ss.fff")


Tasker Action Example
Tasker Action Example
Tasker Action Example
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