Remotely Trigger DMX Scripts

The DMX Control Program can receive the command ‘go script_name’ from one or more clients and the DMX Control Program will immediately execute that script.

Port 10000 is ‘listening’ on the JNIOR to receive the command to execute a script. Multiple connections can be made to this port.

A termination string must be sent by the sending device at the end of the command. The termination string required is \r\n – which is a carriage return (0D), line feed (0A)

Below is an example of a device sending a command to the DMX Control Program that makes the connection to port 10000 and maintains the connection.

Here are the commands that can be sent to DMX:

go script_name                              – where script_name is the name of the script to execute

go script_name –r #                       – where ‘r’ means repeat the script # times

go script_name –f                          – where ‘f’ means repeat the script forever

abort script_name                          – stops script_name from running (stops immediately not at end)

abort                                              – stops all scripts that are running

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