Security is a good thing. It is also hard. The IpConfig/Allow registry key will help you filter the connections permitted by the JNIOR.

The documentation for the use of the IpConfig/Allow key is as follows…

The IpConfig/Allow Registry key when present defines specific IP addresses and IP address subnets that are to be granted access to the JNIOR. All others are ignored. If undefined then all routable clients have access. For example, to restrict access only to your IP address (say and your entire local subnet (10.0.0.x with mask you would define the following:

reg IpConfig/Allow = “,” 

In this case you, using that specific address, and everyone on the local subnet would be able to see the JNIOR and access its functions while everyone else is blocked.

This therefore is a list of IP address/subnet specifications of the form:


Here the 4 octet IP address for IPv4 is specified and ‘/dd’ if present indicates the number of bits from the left that must match. If the ‘/dd’ parameter is omitted it is the same as specifying ‘/32’ and as if you used a subnet mask of In other words that IP address must match in its entirety.

Changes to this configuration setting take effect on reboot.

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