Creating a Doremi Ethernet Device and Macro File

When creating a device in the Support Tool to send macros to, there is a predefined list of devices you can select from. If the device you are trying to send to isn’t listed, you can still send to it. The Doremi is one of these devices, and Cinema has preset commands implemented to send to it. This post should explain how to use these preset commands to communicate with it via Ethernet.

Note: This functionality requires that you have Cinema 6.0 or greater. Also, if you are unfamiliar with creating macro and device files, check out this post first to better understand how. 

To communicate with any device that doesn’t exist in the predefined device list, you need to choose the Raw Ethernet device from that list. This is placeholder that you can use to define whatever Ethernet device you are trying to connect to. In order to use the preset command for the Doremi, all you need to do is name the device “doremidcp”, and assign the IP of the Doremi and its Port number. Unless you changed the Doremi’s default port number, it should be 11730. With this the Doremi Device file should be good to save and publish.

Next you’ll want to link the device file in the Macro tab of the Support Tool, add and name a macro to the macro view, and then add and name an action to the action view. The Doremi has hex commands which it uses to let other devices send it commands. Cinema has been updated to convert 5 of these hex commands as preset strings for the Doremi commands: Play, Pause, Eject, Shutdown, and Reboot. In order to create an action in the action view for sending one of these Doremi commands, you’ll select the Doremi Device you created as the device in the action, choose the send action, and for the data being sent you’ll enter ‘command:’ followed by the command you want to send. For example, if you want to send the Play command to the Doremi, you’ll enter ‘command:play’. After that you simply add the action to the macro and publish it to the JNIOR. 

Note: As mentioned previously these preset commands were made from hex commands that the Doremi uses. There are other commands the Doremi can receive using hex, but these presets were made for the more commonly used ones.

With that, you should have a macro that sends to your Doremi via Ethernet! If you need other commands or additional assistance, reach out to our support team and we’ll help you further.

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