Configuring the CinemaServerClient and PreshowClient

Written on: October 28, 2020 1:12 pm

When using the Cinema application, you’ll want the JNIOR to be able to send/receive commands to control or be controlled by external devices. In the registry of the JNIOR, Cinema’s registry contains the CinemaServerClient and PreshowClient registries. These are what can be configured to establish those connections to external devices.

While accessing the JNIOR WebUI when Cinema is installed, you can access the AppData/Cinema/CinemaServerClient or AppData/Cinema/Client registry folders to configure the connections made using Cinema. The PreshowClient and CinemaServerClient are connections made to either a Preshow System or Cinema Server through TCP or Serially that allow control of outputs, I/O feedback, and the ability to interact with various devices using macros.

Inside both registry folders are multiple registry keys. The TcpPort registry key is where you can set the port number for an Ethernet connection to other devices. (We recommend using the port number 9600). For serial connections, you need to set the Method key to serial and the SerialCommandsEnabled key to true. You’ll then need to go to the AppData/Cinema/X/Serial (X is for CinemaServerClient or Client) and set the serial connection to whatever serial setting you want the JNIOR and your external Device to connect on. NOTE: You cannot have both a Preshow Client and Cinema Server connection at the same time.

Registry settings for TCP Cinema Server Client
Registry settings for serial Cinema Server Client
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