Series 3 JNIOR End of Life

We offer Series 4 JNIORs that are made to be a great drop-in replacement for Series 3 JNIORs.

If you have a Series 3 JNIOR and are looking for a replacement, they unfortunately hit the end of life in 2015 and we no longer offer them. Series 4 JNIORs are essentially an improved version of the Series 3 JNIOR that offer improved hardware, more applications, and more built-in functionality. Most Series 3 applications have been modified to run on the Series 4 JNIORs as well, but the dimensions and footprint of the Series 3 JNIOR are the same as the Series 4 though.

Here are just a few of the improvements implemented from the Series 3 to Series 4:

  • A faster processor allows for quicker responses from applications running on the JNIOR and quicker reboots for the JNIOR.
  • The Model 410 JNIORs have RS-485 capabilities for their serial connections.
  • Applications such as Tasker, Analog Presets, MQTT, Grapher, and DMX provide new functionality for the JNIOR to use.
  • Easy-to-use configuration pages through web browsers provide more ways to make customizing your JNIOR simpler, such as a folder tab to view files on the JNIOR.
  • Series 4 JNIORs can capture network traffic between the JNIOR and other devices to help investigate and troubleshoot all data being communicated with it.

If you have a Series 3 JNIOR and are looking to replace or upgrade to a Series 4 JNIOR, let us know and we’ll help you transition your setup!

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