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Since today you really need to keep the Login requirement enabled on your JNIORs, what if you want to serve some Web data publicly? You know, without having everyone use a password?

Well, you probably aren’t aware that in addition to the default WebServer root of /flash/www there is another called /flash/public. Yep. You can probably guess now that anything you put in /flash/public will be served by the WebServer without requiring that the client login/authenticate. Everything else remains secure and requires your login for access.

In fact that is how our HoneyPot unit that is sitting out directly on the Internet lets you access the following page:

There you didn’t need to login and yet that JNIOR is secure and nothing else can be accessed or modified without securely logging in.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Oh and you could rename /flash/ as /flash/ and serve the DCP publicly. Wait! wouldn’t that be dangerous?

Well, not really. The DCP makes a secure Websockets connection back to the JNIOR. That Websockets interface requires a login (assuming you haven’t also disabled that). So when you open the public DCP you are again asked to login. You have to properly authenticate before you can really do anything.

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