Mean Time Between Failures – MTBF

The JNIOR is a very reliable device.  I’m sure many devices claim that but as of this writing, in October 2023 we have spoken with customers that are still running Series 3 units from 2005.  The first run of Series 4 units are still operational from 2012.

There are basically two components that would have any endurance data.

  1. The mechanical relays should be able to see a minimum of 100,000 closures.
  2. The battery should have a life of around 6 years. The JNIOR only relies on the battery to maintain the SRAM and the internal clock when external power is not present. The JNIOR can operate without a working battery. The 410, 412, or 414 battery can be replaced in the field. It is a CR2032 coin-cell battery.
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