Expansion Module Cabling

Written on: August 4, 2023 9:55 am

Any expansion module used with the JNIOR Controller needs a way to connect to it. On each JNIOR is a sensor port which allows a cable to connect from the expansion module to the JNIOR. These are 6 Pin Modular Flat cables and they use RJ-12 connectors. These cables are supplied with the purchase of an expansion module. The length of the cable that comes with each expansion module varies depending on what expansion module is purchased. 

These cables can be made by anyone. All that is needed is a 6 Pin Modular Flat cable, two RJ-12 connectors, and a crimp tool. We have tested a cable length of 100 feet with one module, but the number of modules impacts the maximum length the cable before failure. If the cable is too long, either the expansion module will lose power, or it will no longer receive data from the JNIOR to operate correctly. Testing and validation of the cable is up to the customer and INTEG provides no guarantees for the functionality of the modules when custom cables are used. If you are interested in making your own, here are some links to these items:

6 Pin Modular Flat Cable

RJ-12 Connectors

Any crimp tool should work just make sure it’s able to crimp for RJ-12 connectors.

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