Temperature / Humidity Sensor

The Temperature / Humidity Sensor with Cable

INTEG resells a Temperature / Humidity Sensor that is manufactured by Embedded Data Systems. We often refer to this as the Environmental Sensor. As part of the offering from INTEG you get a 12′ cable with an RJ-12 connector that is tested to work with the JNIOR. We also had to create certain applications that work with the module. JANOS only natively supports INTEG expansion modules.

To wire the sensor you will need 3 wires that are for Power, Ground and One Wire Data. Even though the JNIOR uses an RJ-12 connector with 6 pins, only 3 are needed.

In the picture below you can see the 3 wires that are connected. We wire the flat black cable through the side of the sensor. The sensor does come with a mounting plate with a hole in the center. If you wire the unit yourself, you can use that hole for your installation. We chose not to use the bracket so that the device can be mounted flush without the need for rewiring or cutting a hole in the wall or surface.

Humidity Sensor expansion module for JNIOR

A closer look shows us the connection in the terminal block that each wire is connected to. As with INTEG modules, this terminal block gives you the ability to daisy-chain multiple devices.

Wiring for JNIOR Humidity Sensor

The wire needed is a modular flat 6 conductor cable. We use this one from digikey. The other end of the wire is the RJ-12 connector. We use pins 1 – 3. With the connector tab up you can see that the wires in use are on the right.

Wire end for expansion module sensor cable
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