CTRL-C November 6, 2017

Ctrl-C (hole Ctrl and press ‘C’) interrupts an executing Java application when run from the current command line. If you need to stop an application that has been started from a different Console session or through a Registry Run key you will need to use the KILL command.

If an application is not running then Ctrl-C redisplays the Console Welcome banner. This is a quick way to see the current Model, Serial Number and JANOS version. It tells you the current time and uptime. Note that there are other ways to obtain all of that information but the banner is quick. Just hit Ctrl-C.

The display of the current “Uptime” in the banner is a recent addition. Normally this will display “System up time”. However, if the unit has been running uninterrupted for a record amount of time this will indicate the uptime as “Record up time”.

The banner is supplied when you make a Telnet connection before any login is required. The information in the banner is thereby made public.

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