Booting A JNIOR In Safe Mode

All JNIORs have the ability to boot into a state called Safe Mode. Safe Mode enables the default ‘jnior’ ‘jnior’ username and password for logging in, and disables all applications from running on boot. This is extremely useful in situations where you either forgot your JNIOR log-in, or have an application that is locking up your JNIOR before you can access it. Here is how to boot your JNIOR in Safe Mode.

NOTE: Do not leave your JNIOR in Safe Mode after you are done using it. Safe Mode’s features can interrupt the JNIOR’s functionality when left on.

Power Off and Disconnect the JNIOR

Before attempting to boot your JNIOR in Safe Mode, make sure your JNIOR is disconnected, and that no power is being supplied to it. This helps ensure the JNIOR is not damaged, and leads into rebooting the JNIOR after we enabled Safe Mode.

Locate A Jumper From Outputs 1 or 2

The first thing we need to do is grab a Jumper off of the JNIOR. You’ll start by unscrewing the JNIOR’s lid and locating the Jumpers on outputs 1 and 2. These outputs have Jumpers on them because they are able to be set to normally opened or closed. You’ll want to vertically pull one of these Jumpers off the output pins they are attached to. (These should just pull off by grabbing the plastic ends sticking out off the Jumpers.)

Locate Hole for Safe Mode Jumper

Every JNIOR has a small opening between its Ethernet port and RS-232 serial port. In this small opening are two pins that can have a jumper placed on them to force the JNIOR to boot in Safe Mode.

Plug Jumper Into Safe Mode Pins

Now taking the Jumper, you are going to slide it into the hole, and plug the Jumper into the two pins on the board in front of the small opening. Once the Jumper is in place, and resupply power to it.

Check if JNIOR is in Safe Mode

Once the JNIOR is powered back on, the only way to check if the JNIOR is successfully in Safe Mode is by making a command line connection to the JNIOR, and seeing if it says *SAFE MODE in the boot dialog. If this gets displayed, you have successfully booted the JNIOR in Safe Mode!

Once you are finished making changes in Safe Mode, make sure disconnect power to the JNIOR again, move the Jumper you used back to the output it was taken from, and screw the lid back on the JNIOR.

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