Accessing Java Applets On Series 3 JNIORs July 28, 2020

The series 3 JNIORs used the Java Applet as a GUI. Years ago the browsers stopped supporting Java Applets due to security concerns. You are no longer able to open the series 3 Java Applet GUI in most browsers. You can still access it by launching it locally since it is installed as part of the JNIOR Support Tool. The security concerns over java applets are not present when launching the Java Application locally. Here is how to access the Java Applet for a JNIOR.

NOTE: The Java Applet GUI should only be used with series 3 JNIORs.

First, make sure you have the JNIOR support tool downloaded. Here is a link for it.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Support Tool v7.10 Jul 15 2020 12.9 MB 4fd5a1b0617a59a7f6802663ec3f789e

Once you have downloaded the Support Tool, you’ll want to open it and find the JNIOR you wish to access the Java Applet for in the Beacon tab. Then by right clicking it, you’ll then go to Tools/Classic Monitor, Configuration, Control Application option and select it.

Java Applet option in JNIOR Support Tool

After selecting this for, the Java Applet for your JNIOR should open.

Java Applet for Series 3 JNIORs
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