Testing Macros Using the Support Tool

When creating Macros to use with the Cinema application, you may want to test some of them out before creating them all. The Macro Name Sender is a tool within the JNIOR Support Tool that allows you to execute macros using a JNIOR Protocol connection. Below is how to find and use the Macro Name Sender Tool.

NOTE: In order to use the Macro Name Sender Tool, you need to create macros and publish them to a JNIOR first.

There are two ways to open the Macro Name Sender in the JNIOR Support Tool. You can either open the Macro Name Sender by opening the Tools tab at the top and selecting Macro Execution, or you can right click a JNIOR and select Tools->Macro Execution. Once done, the Macro Name Sender Tool should be open.

NOTE: If this was opened by right-clicking a JNIOR in Beacon, the Macro Name Sender will already be connected to the JNIOR

In order to use the Macro Name Sender, you first need to enter the information of the JNIOR you are trying to test macros on. Entering the JNIOR’s IP, Username, Password and then clicking Connect will establish the JNIOR Protocol connection to the JNIOR. Once connected, all you need to do is enter the name of the Macro at the top and click Send. If the Macro exists and has been published to the JNIOR, it should execute. Now you can easily test macros published to a JNIOR through the JNIOR Support Tool.

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