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JNIOR Supporter v2.1 Jun 04 2024 3.7 MB cda1c59eb0863dd23c55bb45b1079b73

The JNIOR Supporter is the new cross-platform version of the JNIOR Support Tool.  Being cross-platform allows the JNIOR Supporter to run on any Desktop with a valid Java Runtime Environment loaded.  Windows, Linux or Mac machines can now run the JNIOR Supporter tool.

Many of the same features have been implemented that current users of the JNIOR Support Tool are used to.  The Beacon, Snapshot and Update tabs have all been ported over.  There are a few tweaks to appearance and functionality but current users should have a good level of comfort.

JNIOR supporter for JNIOR automation controller


The Beacon Tab allows you to view the JNIORs that are connected to your local segment of your network.  This works using UDP broadcasts to find JNIORs that may not have the same IP scheme as the host machine that is running the JNIOR Supporter tool.  In this case TCP connections do not work but the JNIOR Supporter will help you to set up the correct network configuration settings needed for your network.


Snapshots largely work as the did before with the exception being that multiple Snapshots can be performed at the same time.  This saves time.  Lots of time.  There is also new ways to view the Snapshots you have in your library.  Your Snapshots will be categorized by Serial Number, By Hostname and by Date.


Updates also work much like they did before.  Updates can be published to multiple JNIORs as they did before as well.  But, now you can open multiple Update Projects at the same time.

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