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For Cinema Users
The JNIOR Support Tool also has special features to help users of the Cinema software application to configure Devices and Macros. The Cinema application is a software program that runs on the JNIOR to provide central control functionality for a theater implementing a digital cinema system. Please refer to the Cinema manual available in the downloads section for details on its functionality.
One or Many JNIORs
The Beacon tab will display multiple JNIORs (both Series 3 and 4) with mixed IP addresses. By ‘right-clicking’ on a JNIOR in the list, you can set the JNIOR IP configuration, hostname, reboot, open a Telnet or FTP connection, launch the JNIOR web page and a variety of other functions. The Beacon technology is utilized throughout the JNIOR Support Tool.

The JNIOR Support Tool is a Windows-based PC application that allows the user to enter the JNIOR IP address via our Beacon technology, configure a variety of JNIOR features via our Registry editor, easily load additional software and updates to one or many JNIORs, review logs and back-up or duplicate your JNIOR configuration.

JNIOR Beacon Technology 

After you have opened the JNIOR Support Tool and connected a JNIOR to the Ethernet network, the JNIOR will broadcast a UDP message over the network using port 4444 reporting to any JNIOR Support Tool listening that the JNIOR is on-line.  You can also open the JNIOR Support Tool and ‘right-click’ in the Beacon tab area and request a Query All that will ask all JNIORs on the network to report back with their configuration.

JNIOR support tool for JNIOR automation controller

Main Function Tabs

The JNIOR Support Tool has seven main functions (Tabs) as described below.

  • 1. Beacon Tab – identifies JNIORs on the Ethernet network for ease of selection and configuration.
  • 2. Devices Tab – allows the user to define IP addresses and/or serial settings for ‘devices’ to be controlled via the JNIOR macros utilized with the Cinema.JNIOR and Macro.JNIOR applications.
  • 3. Macro Tab – allows the user to configure Macros containing a timed-sequence of Actions to control JNIOR relay outputs, ‘devices’, and the JNIOR Control Panel.  The Macros are utilized with the Cinema.JNIOR and Macro.JNIOR applications.
  • 4. Update Tab – allows the user to execute an update package to transfer new software, software updates, configuration files and registry settings to one or many JNIORs.
  • 5. Registry Editor Tab – allows the user to view and edit the Registry Keys for one or many JNIORs.
  • 6. Logs Tab – allows the user to aggregate, view, filter and print the various logs being created by a JNIOR.
  • 7. Snapshot Tab – allows the user to download to their PC any or all of the files located on a JNIOR.  A filter feature is provided to selectively download files.  The user can also create a Backup which creates an ‘update project’ that will duplicate a JNIOR configuration on a new JNIOR.