Running the JNIOR Supporter

Installing the JNIOR Supporter requires a Java Runtime Environment to run.  Running the Supporter is easy and only requires you to double-click on the .JAR file.  

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Supporter v2.1 Jun 04 2024 3.7 MB cda1c59eb0863dd23c55bb45b1079b73


With Linux, you must perform an action before running the application for the first time.  After downloading the jniorsupport.jar file from above, you’ll now want to set the execution bit for the .jar file. The command below will make the jniorsupport.jar file runnable when you double-click it.

chmod +x /path/to/your/file/JniorSupporter-{version}.jar

You can also launch the jar file by directly running it from a terminal with the following command.

/path/to/your/file/java -jar JniorSupporter-{version}.jar

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