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This post goes over an application that checks the current devices connected to the JNIOR, and if any of them are temperature probes logs there device index and current temperature. 

Log Temperature starts off by declaring a string builder, which will be used later to log our information. We start with a while loop set to true so our program runs unless exited. We then perform a for loop that iterates 10 times. This checks the indexes of devices connected to the JNIOR from 1 – 10. Each time the loop iterates, it checking the JNIOR’s registry for connected temperature probes using the isTempPresent function. This returns the index of a temperature probe connected to the JNIOR. Once the index is returned its then used to get the temperature of that temperature probe, and then uses the string builder to construct a sentence listing time, index, and temperature from the temperature probe. This is then logged to a log file called tempLog.log. The while loop returns re-logging the values every minute.

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