JANOS 2.4 Release May 3, 2023

  • Added hysteresis to garbage collection to eliminate GC storming
  • Fixed web server memory leak
  • Enhanced command line RM/DEL command to override confirmation on wildcard use
  • Allow multiple commands on a single command line using separators like ‘;’
  • Implemented command line ‘|’ piping capability
  • Enhanced CAT command with HEAD and TAIL usage to support piping
  • Implemented command line conditional execution && and || syntax
  • Enhanced GC -M and GC -B memory analysis to report Java class information
  • Applications can optionally log to external SYSLOG server
  • Hostname in SYSLOG report includes jrS/N Birthname
  • Corrected direct JMP connection not forwarding console output
  • Corrected direct JMP connection File Read failure
  • Fixed issue with Java Sockets SoTimeout exceptions
  • Improved inter-process messaging to avoid queue assertions
  • Added command line real-time network sniffer with filtering
  • Added Email queue management
  • Corrected REGEX matching issue
  • Eliminated memory leak with JSON decode
  • Fixed Web Authentication. No longer gets stuck in loop.
  • Expanded command line history to 200 commands
  • Eliminated dormant message queue issues
  • Fixed FTPClient class issue with retrieving data
  • Corrected buffer overrun by command line parameters
  • Eliminated null pointer issue in network race condition
  • Enhanced MANIFEST to use optional database
  • Prevent illegal IP address settings blocking network use
  • Corrected buffer overrun caused by security scanners
  • Eliminated Resource Deadlock after assertion

JANOS 2.3 Release February 2, 2023

The release fixed an issue with the Ethernet becoming "locked up". The JNIOR could become unresponsive while servicing the network on busy networks.

Build 1.0

  • Corrected memory issue with KILL and message loop use
  • Corrected garbage collection issue with static classes in the JVM
  • Corrected memory issue with serial port buffer resizing
  • Delayed Java Thread startup to insure completion of initialization
  • Added KILL -A feature to terminate all applications


Initial (January 25 2023)

  • Initialized the Working Directory for command line scripting
  • Increased network frame buffers to improve throughput
  • Increased number of available application watchdogs from 8 to 16
  • Added WDT_SILENT so watchdogs can be used to schedule programs and not logged as triggered
  • Updated PS process listings to display pending watchdogs as scheduled execution
  • Improved PING statistics
  • Eliminated assertion in loading classes using InvokeDynamic
  • Eliminated memory leak in JVM class caching
  • Corrected IO signature performance with IO changes
  • Corrected TAB auto-complete issue with second parameter
  • PHP Registry lists now sorted by name
  • Eliminated chance of socket deadlock that would require a hard reboot
  • Added check for network during boot logging to avoid reboot loop

JANOS 2.2 Release June 28, 2022

This release was issued to support manufacturing and component changes forced by supply chain issues. Because of this, an update to the OS was required to handle this change. Units made June 22nd, 2022 or later will NOT be able to roll back to earlier version of JANOS.

  • Corrected bug in creating multidimensional arrays
  • Improved DEFLATE compression performance with binary files
  • Corrected issue with '%' sign when logging to the syslog
  • Fixed dropped serial character when port is closed
  • Added experimental debugging tools

JANOS 2.1.1 Release December 15, 2021

  • This release was issued to support manufacturing and component changes forced by supply chain issues and COVID

JANOS 2.1 Release August 10, 2021

All New Help system. Use the [Help Search] link in the lower right on the JNIOR Web UI.

  • Eliminated external SYSLOG Server related memory leak
  • Corrected Regex issue with the OR operation
  • Corrected PHP ereg() and eregi() functions
  • Implemented a greatly expanded Help System
  • Added PDF MIME type to the WebServer and Email systems
  • Corrected JRMON latched input [R]eset command, no longer affects relays
  • PHP read file access expanded to include ZIP virtual folders
  • Corrected PHP issues with JSON arrays
  • Corrected Order of Precedence issue with PHP mathematical expressions
  • Corrected the operation of Regex '*' and '+' quantifiers when used following a group
  • Corrected RENAME behavior when attempting to alter case of a filename
  • Enabled PHP logical string comparisons ==, !=, <, <=, >, and >=
  • Enhanced security for JANOS-Session-Id cookies
  • Corrected JANOS-Session-Id handling when multiple cookies are present
  • Improved non-volatile aspect of command line history
  • Corrected issue with network capture completion
  • Fixed issue introduced in v2.0 with IpConfig/Allow
  • Corrected issue with using EXIT in the Console tab of the WebUI
  • Added SHA256 (SHA2) to the MANIFEST database
  • Fixed issue resulting in blank Registry keys being displayed
  • Introduced new expanded Help System

JANOS 2.0 Release March 4, 2021

  • Improved serial diagnostics during boot
  • Added DST rules for New Zealand timezones
  • Added File Sharing. Disabled by default
  • Logs prior Registry key values along with changes
  • Enabled NetBIOS name resolution and disabled LLMNR
  • Allow product "Birthname" such as jr817120068 to be always valid in name resolution
  • Corrected Websockets login issue
  • Fixed issue with HTML Email content
  • Added SHA384 and SHA512
  • Added text form of IP address to certificate to appease Microsoft IE
  • Enhanced Registry key settings to inform as to reboot requirements
  • Improved Email error reporting
  • Added Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) to TLS security suites
  • Removed legacy Registry editor
  • JANOS renews its own self-signed certificates
  • Added JSON support to PHP
  • Added Command Line text editor
  • Added Elliptic Curve TLS suites
  • Added BAT file enhancements and scripting support
  • Added the ability to retrieve files from remote servers to JRUPDATE
  • IP address filtering overridden by SAFE MODE
  • Add capture filter information to pcapng capture file
  • PHP scandir() changed to return absolute file path
  • Issue with /etc folder content in scandir() corrected
  • Corrected issue with nested PHP foreach loops
  • Added PHP date and time formatting function date()
  • Console command line history search and selection enhancements
  • Added PING Flood Mode and addressing validation option
  • Corrected issue with ZIP/JAR decompression failing with some large binary files
  • Added support for the standard loopback address range
  • Default WebServer/Path is now /flash/www/config allowing relocation of the default configuration pages
  • Corrected Registry issue with of Type 10 temperature sensors
  • Batch parameter %0 now returns the command from the command line
  • Corrected runtime issue with PHP replacing existing array content
  • Addressed differences in Linux based terminal sessions
  • Extended the ECHO command for use in scripting
  • Added JMP Protocol port for use in defining capture filters
  • Added JMP port and BuildTag to Beacon protocol
  • Corrected PHP @strrpos()@ and syntax shortcomings
  • Enhanced ARC/ZIP/JAR command
  • Improved compatibility with Linux terminal emulators

JANOS 1.9 Release February 3, 2020

Release Notes

We have released JANOS v1.9 which has several changes and bug fixes. Most notably with TCP packet generation. While it is not wrong to send data in multiple TCP packets, many devices incorrectly implement TCP clients and fail when this case arises. This version adjusted the release of socket data to reduce the chances that a message might be split across separate TCP packets. This had been a recent issue with some MODBUS client devices.

  • Added support for Reverse LLMNR allowing network scanners to label IP addresses with hostnames
  • Adjusted the release of socket data to reduce the chances that a message might be split across separate TCP packets
  • Corrected Sockets race condition that caused occasional reception delays and blocking
  • Fixed the incorrect signed display of large input counter values in JRMON and JMP Protocol
  • Adds a BEACON announcement in the event of an IP conflict
  • Improved NONCE management eliminating possible issues in the presence of port scanners
  • Eliminated chance of buffer overrun occurring in FTP transfer
  • Beacon REBOOT now works in all cases
  • Eliminated potential difficulty in obtaining network capture file

JANOS 1.8 Released June 17, 2019

Release Notes

We have released JANOS v1.8 which adds the JMP Protocol. The JANOS Management Protocol (JMP) is essentially the JSON message interface utilized by JANOS Websockets. The JMP Protocol has been exposed on its own TCP/IP port. This encloses the JSON messaging in a JSON array along with the JSON Object length making reception of the messages easy. The JMP Protocol will be used by the QSC Q-SYS JNIOR component.

  • Implements the JANOS Management Protocol JMP
  • Adds "Block" command to JSON interfaces
  • Web Server limits the effects of extremely slow connections.

JANOS 1.7.1 Released December 3, 2018

Release Notes

  • Watchdog no longer causes reboot from foreground execution
  • REGEX Alternation '|' has been corrected to properly work in Group
  • Corrected NULL Pointer write issue when a Group which employs alternation appears at the start of a REGEX expression
  • Resolved message pump memory issue relating to process termination
  • Expand the channel range for setOutputRelay() from 0-11 to 0-15
  • Corrected network capture filtering when an IP address is to be excluded
  • Supports networks using Jumbo Frames
  • Eliminated assertion associated with improper use of '%n' in System.out.printf.

JANOS 1.7 Released July 26, 2018

Release Notes

  • Added ability to load single CA Certificate to be supplied on TLS connection
  • Support TLS Client Certificate Verification on outgoing connections
  • Added legacy PKCS1 support for externally generated certificates
  • Corrected array issue with processing of deferred email transmissions
  • Corrected memory issue with TAB use on the Command Line

JANOS 1.6.5 Released May 22, 2018

  • Corrected FTP listing issue created by the v1.6.4 release
  • Corrected getRegistryList method memory leak
  • Corrected 412DMX light Flickering
  • Corrected 412DMX NAND Flash processing issue
  • Corrected FTP transfer restart issue
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