Installing JNIOR Supporter With Different OS Platforms

Installing the JNIOR Supporter requires a Java Runtime Environment in order to run. To avoid running into any trouble when installing the JNIOR Supporter Tool, we’ve prepared different ways to install the application based off your operating system, so that it will hopefully make it easier to setup. 


Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JniorSupporterInstaller v1.0 Jan 04 2024 38.9 MB cfa86a8521ed798f5eb37aad3383a644

For Windows, we’ve created an installer that should setup an .exe application and a JRE for it to reference. You’ll download and proceed through the installer, and once finished the Java Supporter should be ready to launch.

When launching the installer, the you’ll first be prompted if want to create a desktop shortcut. This is recommended to make launching the tool easier in the future.

Once that is finished, clicking next will ask you to begin the install. Clicking next will start it.

Once the install is finished, you’ll be given the option to launch the JNIOR Supporter tool immediately after finishing its install. After that, you’ll now have the JNIOR Supporter Tool installed and ready to use.


Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Supporter v1.0 Jan 08 2024 2.3 MB cff040d0e79f9e6b3d45ea59c02c8ef1

With Linux, after downloading the jniorsupport.jar file from above, the commands below can be run in a Linux terminal that will install a valid version of Java.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install default-jdk

Once this is done, we’ll now want to set the execution bit for the .jar file we downloaded. The command below will make the jniorsupport.jar file runnable when you double click it.

chmod +x /path/to/your/file/JniorSupporter-1.0-1.jar

You can also launch the jar file by directly running it from a terminal with the following command.

/path/to/your/file/java -jar JniorSupporter-1.0-1.jar

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