Embedded Programming Introduction

So you’re looking to write your own code to run on the JNIOR? You have come to the right place. Writing code for the JNIOR is as easy as writing code for your PC. The JNIOR will run the JAR that is created by your favorite IDE. There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to what you can program on the JNIOR. Most of the applications that we have written have come from customer requests over the years.

This section of our website is not meant to teach you how to code but rather to show you how to enable your IDE to write JNIOR code that is targeted for the JNIOR.

Note: Additional Libraries cannot be used with JNIOR applications.


  • Java JDK
  • Java IDE (We use Apache NetBeans)
  • JANOS Runtime Library
  • Understanding of Java Programming

Check for Java

Type java -version at a Command Prompt

JANOS Runtime Library

Applications targeted to run under JANOS must be built against the JANOS Class Library. This library can be found in the etc/ folder on your JNIOR Model 410. This file is OS version dependent although it is likely not to change dramatically from release to release. You might note the date and before you update or finish an application for your JNIOR make sure that you are using the latest version that you have available. INTEG can also send you a copy of JanosClasses.jar on request.

The JANOS Runtime Library does not contain the full JVM that you might be used to programming against. It is close but to save code space we have omitted some classes and methods. Take a look at the JANOS Runtime Javadoc to see what classes and methods are available.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JanosRuntime.JAR v2.5 Jun 04 2024 1.6 MB 9ee359c454dd0776a687242aee01f94e

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