Expansion Module Overview

The available expansion modules for the JNIOR are as follows: the Control Panel, Temperature Probe, Environmental Sensor, 4 Relay Output, 10volt, 4-20ma, and 3 Channel LED Dimmer. These expansion modules all have ways to be manipulated through the JANOS runtime library. Each Expansion Module works on any JNIOR logic controller model and contains the following key features:

  • On-board microprocessor for rapid, effective analog signal sampling
  • Automatic recognition of the module by the main JNIOR logic controller
  • Flexibility to utilize a mix of modules
  • Can be used in addition to the JNIOR temperature sensors
  • Web-based configuration via the main JNIOR web page
  • Easily integrated into all the JNIOR communication methods
  • No separate power supply necessary – all power received via the Sensor Port
  • 2-year warranty

Controlling I/O and Reporting Data

When creating applications to control expansion modules, the SensorPort and JANOS classes are what can be used to control them from the JANOS runtime library. Using this class you can get an expansion modules type, check their inputs, check/set their outputs, get the temperature, set LEDs, and check the external device list of expansion modules. Below is an example, that gets each module connected to the JNIOR, and then reports on their data. 

View on GitHub

I put the built jar file of this example application into the JNIOR’s flash folder and ran it from the Web UI’s console tab. As you can see it prints the expansion modules connected along with info about the data they are reporting.

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