Sending Email Overview

Written on: October 20, 2022 10:44 am

When creating an application, being able to send emails from it may be something a User wants to do. JNIORs have email blocks in their configuration that can be  configured to send emails.

Setting Up JNIOR Email

To properly setup an email for the JNIOR to use, you’ll want to use the JNIOR’s Web UI and navigate to the Email Account section under Configuration. Here you’ll want to include the Mail Server, From Address, and SMTP Username your JNIOR will use to send the email. These are required in order to send emails from the JNIOR.

Next, in the Network section you’ll want to make sure you have a DNS Address declared. For our examples we use, which is Google’s.

Lastly, we’ll want to make sure we give the address we are sending to to the Mail-Profiles section. Only a ToAddress is needed, but additional information can be entered to be used as a default. This is used for the JANOS.sendmail() class.

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