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The JNIOR is a very flexible and powerful controller. Utilize our bundled or add-on software applications. If those don’t meet your needs, let INTEG quickly develop an application for you.

The JNIOR offers superb functionality with its included and available software. However, if you require a custom application to run on your JNIOR, INTEG can develop it for you, or you can develop it yourself using the JNIOR Software Development Kit (SDK).INTEG has already developed a number of custom applications for a variety of customers. Some of these applications have become our ‘add-on’ applications because they have met the needs of a large group of customers.

Other times the applications have been focused and developed to meet the needs of a specific customer.  After the user requirements are gathered it doesn’t take long for INTEG to deliver something for the customer to test.  Often times we dont get devices sent to the office that the customer wants to interface with.  This makes it tough for INTEG to complete full testing in the office.  Sometimes we write test applications to mimic the communications between the JNIOR and the end device.

If you have an application that you have in mind and want to talk to INTEG about the JNIOR please call the office, 724-933-9350, or email  You can also fill out the contact form.

Thank you for your interest in the JNIOR from INTEG.

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