JNIOR Support Tool 7.16 Release June 12, 2024

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Support Tool v7.16 Jun 12 2024 6.2 MB b75a95c649dd507e069591709265f793

Unfortunately, browsers started displaying notifications indicating that the Support Tool was malicious, and in some cases, the downloads were blocked.  INTEG has taken steps to check our site and computers for malicious code.  We believe this to be a false positive but in an abundance of caution, we have removed the Console application that was found to be at the root of the issue.  The update tries to launch PuTTY as the default console application.

JNIOR Support Tool 7.15 Release September 8, 2023

[!] Rolls back the .NET requirement to .NET version 4.0. 7.14 required an upgraded version of .NET, version 4.8. Some people reported being unable to install .NET 4.8 on older computers.

The initial upgrade to .NET 4.8 was due requirement for TLS 1.2. It turns out that .NET 4.0 has the ability to use TLS 1.2 but it needs to be enabled a special way.

[!] Fixed an issue preventing the Support Tool from closing completely. Instances would continue to run in the background.

JNIOR Support Tool 7.14 Release May 17, 2023

[+] Can now select multiple JNIORs to Identify or Reboot at once.

[+] Added the ability for the Support Tool to check our website for the latest Series 4 All In One.  This will help you stay up to date.

+ Added the ability to submit to INTEG without having to go to our website and select the snapshot.  Form will be available in the Support Tool

! Minor Bug Fixes

JNIOR Support Tool 7.10 July 15, 2020

! Corrected an issue where opening an update project would encounter a non-empty temp folder.

+ Added the ability to open multiple Device files

+ Added the ability to open multiple Macro files

+ Added the ability to open multiple Update Projects

! addresses an issue where the Update Notification was always being shown at startup, even when the most recent version was on the JNIOR.

JNIOR Support Tool 7.9 May 16, 2019

  • The JNIOR Support Tool version 7.9 addresses an issue with new installs.  The C:\INTEG\JNIOR Support Tool directory was not getting created upon install.  This would prevent the Support Tool from opening.
  • Also in this update is a selection for the new Barco Series 4 projector.
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