JNIOR Support Tool 7.14 Release May 17, 2023

[+] Can now select multiple JNIORs to Identify or Reboot at once.

[+] Added the ability for the Support Tool to check our website for the latest Series 4 All In One.  This will help you stay up to date.

+ Added the ability to submit to INTEG without having to go to our website and select the snapshot.  Form will be available in the Support Tool

! Minor Bug Fixes

JNIOR Support Tool 7.10 July 15, 2020

! Corrected an issue where opening an update project would encounter a non-empty temp folder.

+ Added the ability to open multiple Device files

+ Added the ability to open multiple Macro files

+ Added the ability to open multiple Update Projects

! addresses an issue where the Update Notification was always being shown at startup, even when the most recent version was on the JNIOR.

JNIOR Support Tool 7.9 May 16, 2019

  • The JNIOR Support Tool version 7.9 addresses an issue with new installs.  The C:\INTEG\JNIOR Support Tool directory was not getting created upon install.  This would prevent the Support Tool from opening.
  • Also in this update is a selection for the new Barco Series 4 projector.
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