Beacon Customization – JNIOR Supporter

When using the JNIOR Supporter, you may notice that not all the information from the Beacon tab can be displayed at once. To make specific JNIOR data easier to view, you can modify the Beacon tab to change the order and width each column has, or remove columns all together. When on the Beacon tab of the JNIOR Supporter, while clicking and holding on the left or right border of a column header, you can drag how much or how little each columns width is. If you hold down on the middle of the column header, you can drag where you want the column to be between the other columns. If you don’t want a column displayed, under the Beacon tab is the ‘Select Columns’ option. Unchecking a columns checkbox and selecting OK removes the column from Beacon. Any changes made to Beacon are persistent, so you don’t need to reset them every time you launch the JNIOR supporter.

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