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When working within Tasker, if you’ve created a workspace you no longer want, you can delete it using the file menu or workspace pane. But what if you delete it and then realize that was a mistake? The good news is that it’s recoverable. To re-obtain the workspace you need to open the JNIOR Web Page and access the Folder Tab and go to the directory /flash/tasker/workspaces.

In this example, the workspace we are trying to recover is called “Example_Workspace”. While all workspace files are JSON files, you’ll notice that the file we are looking for has a “.bak” at the end of it. This is a backup of the workspace you made. To recover it, you simply need to rename the file without the .bak. Once you’ve done that, the workspace should be accessible again!

Workspaces are files that contain configuration for Tasker. Tasks, Devices, Loggers, Signals, Triggers, and Schedules are all saved in a Workspace file.

Multiple Workspace files can be loaded on the JNIOR at the same time allowing you to load more complex logic. Using multiple Workspaces allows you to logically group the features together that rely on each other.

Tasker will not have any Workapces loaded when it is first loaded. You will be presented with a screen alerting you to that fact and telling you that you must create a new Workspace.

Tasker Empty Workspace

You can click the green button to Create a new Workspace or use the New option in the File menu.

Tasker File Dropdown

Once a Workspace is created and saved the screen will appear differently the next time you visit Tasker. Here we have created two Workspaces to illustrate this.

Example Workspace in Tasker

You can now click on of the Workspace files or use the Open option in the File menu.

Selecting Example Tasker Workspace

When working in Tasker, at some point you might need to move a workspace from one PC to another. You also might want to have the workspaces saved on your PC rather than in the JNIOR. The upload and download functionality in Tasker allows you to save workspaces as JSON files, as well as upload them onto the Tasker application as a workspace.

To start, its good to know what a workspace is. It is configuration settings for the Tasker application. While the current configuration is the one you currently view when accessing the Tasker Web Page, other tasker configurations could have been created and sit in the background. Upload and Download are ways to access these different configurations that have been created and saved.

To download a workspace from Tasker, you’ll want to click on the file tab and in the drop-down select the download option.

Tasker Download Workspace

When selecting the download option, it immediately begins the download of a JSON file. This is the file that can be uploaded as the chosen JSON file for the current workspace.

To upload a workspace from Tasker, you’ll want to click on the file tab and in the drop-down select the upload option.

Tasker Upload Workspace

Clicking the upload option  will prompt you if you wish to continue. This is because uploading a workspace gets rid of the one you are currently making. Make sure that if you want to keep your current workspace configuration, that you save it before you continue with the upload. Uploading will place the JSON file into the workspace folder inside the Tasker directory on the JNIOR.