JNIOR Supporter 0.5 Released August 1, 2022

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Supporter v0.5 Aug 01 2022 1.3 MB a424e6d7e97d4c18d8ef92df1b19a34c

Go to A Cross-Platform JNIOR Support Tool for more information

There are many updates to this version.

The biggest one is that series 4 JNIORs will use the WebSockets protocol during an Update Project.  WebSockets use the HTTP port, which is normally port 80.  This port is usually forwarded so that you can get to the WEB UI.  FTP and Telnet are not used with Series 4 JNIORs.

You can also open multiple update projects at the same time.  You can push one setup to a set of JNIORs and then push a different setup to a different set of JNIORs at the same time.  Care must be taken to not push conflicting updates to the same JNIOR.

Multiple snapshots can be taken at the same time.

This version also allows you to select multiple JNIORs in the Beacon tab.  Right clicking and selecting an action from the popup menu will apply to all of the selected JNIORs.  This is especially useful if you want to take snapshots of all of your units at once.

You can right click on a unit in beacon to get the Network Capture.

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