A Cross-Platform JNIOR Support Tool October 2, 2020

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JNIOR Supporter v2.1 Jun 04 2024 3.7 MB cda1c59eb0863dd23c55bb45b1079b73

For a while now, we wanted to provide a cross-platform version of the JNIOR support tool to allow all users to access their JNIOR’s easily. There are also several aspects of the Support Tool that we wanted to improve upon. With that said, we are happy to release the JNIOR Supporter!


Cross-Platform – The JNIOR Supporter provides cross-platform functionality. All users will enjoy the same experience regardless of the platform that they are using. The only requirement is that you have a valid Java Runtime Environment. .

New Interface – While looking familiar to the JNIOR support tool, the JNIOR Supporter has a new interface making it easier to view and interact with your JNIORs on the network. Information is displayed more openly to see issues or notices from JNIORs, and menus have been simplified to enhance ease of use.

Updated Features – The JNIOR Supporter introduces improved features such as sorted snapshots making them easier to find and more displayed information to for JNIOR’s on the network.

View Logs – Users can now view logs from the support tool in a pop-up dialog by right clicking on a JNIOR in the Beacon tab instead of needing to reach the JNIOR’s web page

Sorted Snapshots – Snapshots are shown in a tree view and are shown in each of three categories allowing the user to easily find snapshots that we taken for a certain JNIOR based on serial number or hostname or based on when snapshots were taken by day.

Simultaneous Snapshots – Multiple Snapshots can now be taken simultaneously to speed up the process of backing up your site’s JNIOR ecosystem.

Multiple Update Projects – Multiple Update Projects can be opened at the same time so no longer have to close one Update Project to open another.  Care must be taken to not push conflicting updates to the same JNIOR.


We want to know what you think of this new support tool. We know that change is not always easily accepted. Please let us know what you think of it and how we can add/improve to this application. If you have questions or assistance with the application, feel free to contact us. You can do so by joining our support chat on our website, emailing us at support@integpg.com or calling the office at 724-933-9350.

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