JNIOR Controllers

Each Series 4 JNIOR contains the following key software features:

Multi-tasking Operating System – JANOS

JANOS OS is the JNIORs operating system. Made and maintained by INTEG.

Web Server – Server side scripting, Web-Sockets

JNIORs have built in Web servers, allowing users to access a configuration page for the JNIOR or build their own.

JVM – Java Virtual Machine

For Built-In, Add-On and Custom applications


User level logins, Encryption, SSL, TLS, IP Address Filtering


Ethernet/Serial access to the command-line.

E-mail (SMTP), Network Management (SNMP)

JNIORs are capable of sending emails and using SNMP communication


JNIORs handle can use the Modbus Protocol, and handle both Master and Slave communication for Modbus slaving.

ASCII Controll, JNIOR Protocol Commands, Windows DLL

Text, Hex, and Binary communication supported from multiple applications.

JNIOR Support Tool

Application for finding JNIORs on your network and configuring/updating them.

Each Series 4 JNIOR contains the following key hardware features:

2 Year Warranty

Warranty does not cover damage inflicted to the JNIOR from user error. If your JNIOR is having issues and you are unsure what the problem is, feel free to reach out to us!

1 Amp recommended power supply

The JNIOR uses 500 mA alone but the addition of expansion modules or tapping into the power supply increases the load required.

Core Compliment of Digital I/O

Different I/O amount determined by JNIOR Model.

Expandable I/O via the Plug and Play Sensor Port

Expansion modules can connected to this for more I/O and functionality.

Two serial ports (RS232 and RS232/RS422/RS485 or 512 DMX). 

RS485 is available only on the JNIOR 410’s AUX port.

Battery-backed RAM with accessible immutable memory blocks

Data stored in immutable memory won’t be lost when the JNIOR reboots.

FLASH memory for storage of configuration and programs

Any add-on applications and their configurations are stored in flash.

Industry Certifications

TUV, FCC, CEE, RoHS, and REACH certified.

Optional power supply

Wall mole converts 120/240 volts AC to 12 volts DC (North American plug or Euro plug).

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