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INTEG is the home of the JNIOR. The JNIOR is an easy-to-use, flexible automation controller with digital and analog I/O, Ethernet and serial connectivity. Add-on software applications enhance the application and make it custimizable for your appliation.

Support Tool: 7.15 (November 03, 2023)
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INTEG Process Group, inc. has been around since 1999. We have been producing the JNIOR in its current form since 2005.

USA Based

Based in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania since 1999. We are located about a mile off of the PA Turnpike exit 39 Route 8. We are about an hour North of Pittsburgh.

Globally Served

We have customers all around the world.

Customer Focused

Here at INTEG the CUSTOMER is our priority. We pride ourselves in making the customer happy by supplying high quality, robust automation. We also work diligently to ensure that our technical support is very responsive.

Real People

If you contact the office during operating hours you will reach a real person, not an AI phone menu or web site chat bot, just real people who are passionate about the JNIOR and how it can help you!


The INTEG™ JNIOR automation controller is a PLC/PAC alternative that provides Ethernet connectivity with built-in digital I/O, serial ports and analog expansion modules. The JNIOR is produced in-house in Gibsonia, PA. We take pride in producing a reliable product.

Made in USA

The JNIOR is manufactured in-house so we can proudly say the JNIOR is Made in USA.

Power Supply

The JNIOR requires 12-24 volts DC and at least 1 Amp is recommended. The JNIOR power supply terminal provides 2 extra connections where you can jump off of to provide voltage to otherwise dry circuits.

Optically Isolated Inputs

Optically Isolated Inputs offer the internal system protection from high voltage or wiring mistakes. The Inputs can also double as counters and count pulses reliably up to 1.8 KHz. The Input counter value is available via the web page and other communication protocols.

Dry Contact Relay Outputs

Our dry contact relays offer protection from wiring issues but do require that voltage is applied to the circuit. There are 2 or 4 internal FORM C relays depending on the model. The relay can be configured as normally open or normally closed based on an internal jumper.

Serial Ports

The JNIOR has 2 serial ports. There is a COM port that is used for diagnostics and an AUX port. Both ports can be taken over by Java applications. The AUX port on the 410 is RS-485 capable.

Multiple types of storage

The JNIOR has dynamic ram, static ram, and flash memory. These work together to give you the proper mix of speed and persistance longevity.


The JNIOR Series 4 OS, JANOS, is a multi-tasking operating system. This dynamic OS includes a full feature Java Virtual Machine (JVM) developed by INTEG. The JVM runs standard Java programs with no special classes or compilation required, allowing easy development of custom code for execution on the JNIOR Ethernet I/O Controller.


Security minded. TLS 1.2

Proprietary Code

We dont use third party code so the JNIOR is not susceptible to attacks you might hear about on the news.

Java Virutal Machine

Embedded JVM runs native JAR files from your favorite IDE.

Bundled Applications

INTEG offers many applications that are installed when the JNIOR is manufactured.

Add-On Applications

Prebuilt applications to Extend the feature set of the JNIOR.


While the JNIOR plays a large role in the Digital Cinema industry, it is not the only industry that the JNIOR serves. The JNIOR is also used in Environmental Monitoring, Data Collection, Transportation, Remote Monitoring, Oil and Gas, Security, Utility Monitoring, You name it.

Broad Reach

Used in many different industries from Cinema, Environmental Monitoring, Data Collection, Transportation, Remote Monitoring, Oil and Gas.

Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema is our largest industry where we provide the JNIOR globally to theaters. A customized Cinema application is available to help you orchestrate the events during your playlist from pre-show to feature to credits, cleaning, fire alarms and much more.

Proprietary Applications

Many Proprietary Applications have been written for customers from many different industries based on their specifications. Some customers have taken control of the source after the initial release while INTEG continues to maintain and support other applications.


The Support section of our website provides you with all the tools, documentation, software updates and videos you will need to configure and utilize the JNIOR. If you find that you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Knowledge-Base is an ever expanding section of useful information. Topics are written about regularly so check it out and maybe you will find what you are looking for or maybe you will stumble upon a new feature you never knew existed. If you have a question and would like us to write about it please feel free to ask!

Google Translate

We will use Google Translate to support our non-English speaking customers. This has been useful over the years and we will continue to employ this very helpful tool.

Get ahold of us

We are here to help! Contact us Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm EST via the phone, 724-933-9350, or our online chat. We are available by email anytime, support@integpg.com. If you are not in immediate need of support then you can use our Contact Form. It is very helpful to get a Snapshot of the JNIOR when contacting INTEG. We use Team Viewer when we connect remotely for support.