Please contact INTEG to get additional support with developing JNIOR applications or advanced web pages being served by the JNIOR Series 4 using web sockets and other technologies.  INTEG will also develop custom applications to meet our customer’s needs and many times this service is provided for free!  It depends on the complexity of the application.

The JNIOR is a very flexible tool and can do a variety of functions.  Please contact us with any questions you may have about developing a software application for the JNIOR.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Windows DLL v5.0 Feb 15 2019 8.9 MB 97e02a18245994c59c96bb94c6f40fa1
JNIOR DLL Manual Jul 08 2014 320.1 KB e83ac1ef1dd15044f78f92521a8e2965
JNIOR DLL Samples Jul 22 2019 25.0 MB afb85aae11cc4cccbf9777b5f21ea8a6

JNIOR Simulator

The JNIOR Simulator allows you to simulate one or more jniors to aide in testing your DLL application.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Simulator Feb 23 2017 4.2 MB e37333ba1baabe123d8e83e6e530c7c9
JNIOR Simulator Manual Feb 22 2017 451.2 KB 67dea2f944927d36ce0a3669e01f7c44