Updated Knowledge-bases November 15, 2022

We have given the knowledge-bases a new look and feel. This is intended to make finding information easier. Once within the knowledge-base, a new vertical navigation menu on the left hand side will help you find similar posts while staying within that knowledge-base section. For every post, headers distinguish different sections on the right hand side of the page, allowing readers to jump to ones that they are interested in. Topics in each section focus on specific features that each Knowledge base highlights. There are 5 different Knowledge Bases that were created based off the amount of content on our site pertaining to an application or use for the JNIOR. Here is a brief overview of each knowledge base.

General Knowledge Base

The General Knowledge Base focuses on providing posts that explain configuring and using the JNIOR Web UI and Support Tool, the hardware capabilities of the JNIOR, and steps that can be taken to troubleshoot when things don’t work. This Knowledge Base is where general questions about the JNIOR can be solved.

Tasker Knowledge Base

The Tasker Knowledge Base contains posts going over specific features of the Tasker application. It explains creating and managing workspaces, setting up connections to different devices through Tasker, and setting up Triggers and Schedules to activate tasks in Tasker.

Cinema Knowledge Base

The Cinema Knowledge Based contains posts over specific features of the Cinema application. It can explain how to create and execute macros, setup the Preshow and Cinema Server Clients, and how to troubleshoot connections made to the Cinema application.

DMX Knowledge Base

The DMX Knowledge Based contains posts over specific features of the DMX application. It can explain how to create triggers, scripts, and fixtures, how to potentially use a JNIOR 410 as a DMX controller, and how to use the JNIOR as a DMX fixture itself.

Embedded Programming Knowledge Base

The Embedded Programming Knowledge Base contains a wide variety of coding examples to create applications that run on the JNIOR. Here the JANOS runtime library can be downloaded and used in projects. Each section contains examples of short applications that can show how to do certain functionality on the JNIOR.

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