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Ten years ago the challenge facing INTEG was to insure the future of JNIOR automation and to continue our commitment to our customers and the industries that they serve. We had been successfully supplying JNIOR Series 3 into growing markets when we received word from suppliers that the heart of the product, its processor and operating system, were approaching End of Life. Moving to a new processor would introduce third-party software potentially completely changing the product as we had built it. That would not be acceptable. Our solution was to insure that new software developed completely in-house built upon, and not altered, the product and its design. It was at that point that the JANOS operating system was born.

As our ability to produce Series 3 JNIOR drew to a close we prepared the release of JNIOR Series 4 running JANOS v1.0. It was a new, faster and more reliable automation controller meeting our demand that it serve as a drop-in replacement for Series 3 and continue seamless and uninterrupted support for all those who had selected JNIOR. It has been a great product and JNIOR Series 4 is current and successful today.  It remains the choice if flexibility, reliability, long-term availability, and unprecedented personalized customer support are of concern to you.

With a decade of JANOS v1 behind us the time has come to introduce JANOS v2 as the most reliable and most capable release to date. Unlike other version 2.0 products, JANOS v2 is not a complete rewrite, it does not change the way you see or do anything, and does not introduce risk or a new learning curve. It continues in our tradition of maintaining backwards compatibility while expanding the value the operating system offers developers. The JNIOR will remain solid and reliable for years to come. We look forward to a Series 5.

In addition to normal corrections and performance improvements here is some of what is new in v2.0:

  • Improved diagnostics and logging
  • Experimental access via File Sharing
  • Expanded TLS Security
  • Built-in JSON support
  • Enhanced Batch and Scripting capabilities
  • much more…

Look for JANOS v2 Tips & Tricks here on jnior.com and feel free to contact INTEG Support through our website at www.integpg.com . And by all means you can apply the v2 update to all of your JNIOR Series 4 with confidence. We highly recommend it.