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A panel on the right side of the JNIOR Supporter is for taking snapshots and issuing update projects. Snapshots are copies of JNIOR configurations, which can be used to either debug issues a JNIOR may be having or as an update project to duplicate its configuration to other JNIORs. Below is how to take Snapshots.

When selecting the Snapshots tab, snapshots are displayed in groupings based on different filters. The filters sort by the following: Serial Number, Hostname, Date, and Other. Selecting the ‘Take Snapshot’ button lets you select which JNIOR you want to generate a snapshot of. Once selected, each snapshot will populate inside the Snapshot Progress tab in the lower display panel, and notify you when completed. Selecting the ‘Open Snapshots Directory’ tab will open the file directory in your file explorer where Snapshots are saved locally on your PC. This can also be done by right clicking a snapshot in the Snapshot tab and selecting ‘Show in Folder’.