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The JNIOR Supporter has 3 different sections: Beacon, Update Projects/Snapshots, and Notifications/Progress Bars. This post will briefly go over each section and what its used for to help you get started.


Beacon is the main section of the JNIOR Supporter. Here, all JNIORs that can communicate with your PC using a UDP protocol on port 4444 report to the Beacon tab. JNIORs that are displayed in the Beacon tab can be selected and right clicked to be interacted with. A drop-down menu appears when a JNIOR is right clicked, and different options for the JNIOR can be selected from the menu. The Beacon tab can be edited at the top of the JNIOR Supporter, under the Beacon Tab

Update Projects and Snapshots

A window on the right side of the JNIOR Supporter is for performing Update Projects and Snapshots. You can switch between Update Projects or Snapshots by selecting the corresponding tab. You can find where Update Projects or Snapshots are located on your PC by selecting the ‘Open Directory button. Opening or taking update projects and snapshots will display them in bottom of the JNIOR Supporter. These actions can also be performed at the top of the JNIOR Supporter, under the Update Project/Snapshot tabs.

Notifications and Progress Bars

The window at the bottom of the JNIOR Supporter is viewing messages that the JNIOR Supporter reports. The notifications tab is for reporting general issues or warnings the JNIOR Supporter is experiencing. The Update Project Progress and Snapshot Progress are for keeping track of Update Projects and Snapshots when they are being performed.