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It is always a good idea to take backups of devices. Personal pictures, work documents, and even the JNIOR. There is another aspect of taking a backup of the JNIOR that can prove very useful. That is that a backup can become an update project. The update project can then be used to restore the same unit to a point in time or to clone a JNIOR. This means that you can take a backup and then make one or more other JNIORs appear and behave exactly the same.

Where can I find the backup feature?

The Backup feature is under the Snapshot tab.

How is a Backup different than a Snapshot?

The backup differs from a snapshot in a two ways. The most important difference is that an update project will be created. The other difference is that log files are not captured. A snapshot is used to capture log files to submit to INTEG to help debug any issue you may be having.

The Backup procedure

Click ‘Take Backup’ in the Snapshot Tab

Take Backup Button

You will be shown a prompt that lets you know what is about to happen and to make sure you want to continue.

Backup Confirm Info

Clicking ‘Yes’ will provide you with a dialog allowing you to select which unit you want to backup.

JNIOR selection dialog box

When the backup has finished you will be prompted for a name. Give the backup a meaningful name. That name might be the unit name followed by a date string or it may be a name describing the job function that the JNIOR is performing.

Backup Naming dialog box

Lastly you will be prompted to open the Backup or Update Project in the Update Tab.

Open Backup as Update Project

If you click ‘No’, you can open the Update Project at any future point in time. Just go to the Update tab and click ‘open project’ and select the backup.

The following is the backup update project that was created.

Edit Update Project

That, is the backup procedure. Congratulations, you can now use this backup to restore this unit back to this point in time or use it to configure other JNIORs to perform the same task.

NOTE: After successfully cloning a JNIOR configuration, since it will copy the EXACT configuration of the other JNIOR, make sure you go through and change any settings that shouldn’t be the same. This means any references to external devices should be checked for IP changes.